Sunday, 2 November 2008

My focus group!

1. How many J-horror films have you watched in the last month, and what are they called?

2. describe some of the emotions that you feel whilst watching J-horror films?

3. Do you believe that the original Japanese horror are more authentic, compared to the western versions we know today, or vise wisa?

4. What's your response to whether Japenese horror films are similar if not the same?

5. Why does j-horror appeal to weatern audiences?

6. Draw a stereotypical image of what you portray a frightening character in these films are like?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hollywood making endless remakes of the original Japanese horror films.

Roy Lee brought the rights to Japanese horror, and sold them to the American studios.
Japanese horror does not have a linear narrative, but the film relies on the curse of whoever enters the house will die, an urban legend! however in my focus film the Grudge, the cinematography is beautifully shot, with not much speech involved, because it makes the normal cheesy horror films look so unrealistic, whereas this makes the film seem sureal.

The reason why western audiences may enjoy j-horror is for the theory escapsim from there own horrors in life and being able to watch a film with a unfamiliar society- the fear of the unknown which brings a pesky tension.

Some audience’s believe Hollywood has ruined the authentic Japanese horror.
What do you think ???

My presentation... J-horror and why it have interested me to do a small scale research on it!!!!

“As the most technologically advanced and saturated society in the world.”
J –horror retains the Japanese aesthetics, by using the genre of Kaidan (or ghost story), with a technological twist of using Kaidan with high performance equipment, to create the effect of an modern story. The Japanese directors, refer to Shinto ("the way of the gods") , in which is a major religion, included in most horror based films, in Japan. This religion is a spiritual belief (demons, spirits, and ghosts). Shinto teaches that any dead person can be prayed to.
Yuurie, is the heart of Japanese horror, they are stranded ghosts or sprits that are stuck on this world, because of unfinished buisness. For an example they come back to haunt their murderers,and the people who led them to sucide. The japanese portrayed Yuuerie's as people dress in white clothing, with long black hair, moreover they were mostly related to as females, because they tend to hold grudges for much longer then men, and more powerful.They tend to haunt specific people and places thart related to their past lives.
Horror films are about not being in control, and by not being in control people ask alot of questions, in which Japanese horror films aquire, portraying horror films to be ambiguous, and allows the audience to let their imagination run free, in contrast The western remakes sum up most of the story leaving not very much up to their imagination, its not as authentic or effective or powerfull.

This has interested me, because it explores historical and cultural aspects that’s unique to Japan. Japan not only wants to entertain, but to influence other countries; such as America
From exploring this small scale research I hope to learn where the Hollywood blockbusters originally got their ideas from, and whom they duplicate, and why the western audience enjoy J-horror.